Frozen is delightful from beginning to end. It will enchant you no matter your age and leave you wanting to stay in that magical place that only a top notch Disney film can take you. This is a return to the special films that Disney used to make and I encourage audiences of all ages to seize the opportunity to behold the wonder it can deliver.

Elsa and Anna are princesses to loving parents with the slight inconvenience that Elsa was born with magical ice powers. She has the ability to control the cold and the sisters use it to their full advantage by making any room a winter playground. All is well until an accident threatens the younger Anna and it is decided that they will hide Elsa’s powers from the world. Elsa hides in her room and cuts off the world. As befitting a Disney story the King and Queen are tragically killed and the sisters are left on their own. Elsa will be Queen even though she does not know how to control the power she was born with. While Elsa is trying to hide away from the world Anna is feeling smothered by the reclusiveness of their new lifestyle. As must happen, an accident occurs and Elsa endangers everyone by creating an eternal winter then fleeing to the wilderness to escape the consequences. It is left to Anna to find her sister and bring an end to the icy landscape.

Kristen Bell voices Anna bringing an previously unknown beautiful singing voice to the table. Bell’s singing numbers are spectacular and she seizes every song with passion. Opposite her is Idina Menzel as Elsa. Menzel is a longtime musical theater veteran and makes her songs soar as only someone of her caliber can. Supporting turns from Jonathon Groff and Josh Gad are also exquisitely well done. Gad in particular is stellar in his comedic role as a snowman brought to life that has a fascination with heat. There are no missteps in the voice work with every role filled with warmth and realism.

The best Disney films always employed a musical theater approach to the story by letting songs enhance the plot and characterizations rather than serving as pop music interludes. Frozen does this wonderfully. Each song feels integral to the story with every subsequent number adding layers to the whole and enriching the world around it. Disney has scored a massive hit with Frozen and this one will be cherished much in the same way that Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast are today.



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