Thor 2: The Dark World

Marvel would like to thank you for deciding to see Thor 2: The Dark World. Marvel would also like to offer their most heartfelt gratitude that you have not realized that you’ve already seen Thor 2 when it was called Thor. Or Captain America for that matter. Marvel has created another film in their franchise that is watchable and even slightly entertaining while still bringing nothing new to the table. There are no rough edges in this movie, nor is there anything that might be deemed offensive by anyone. One-liners are thrown haphazardly while the universe waits in peril. Again. But Wait! This time it’s being threatened by dark elves.

Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor who after the battle in The Avengers has been busy trying to restore peace in his realm. There is a plot about dark elves being conquered by the Asgardians and losing their magic weapon/entity/ooze looking stuff that I assure you you will not care about nor understand. Plot is given in chunks and exposition is not even hidden. When something must be explained in order to get the characters on their way it is simply explained instead of worked into the dialogue. Every twenty minutes or so the main characters sit down at a table to discuss the plot while they wait for the next action set piece to begin.


Everything about this movie is fine. It’s that and nothing more. Chris Hemsworth does a respectable job of playing a cardboard cutout and the supporting characters are all funny in that “I’m quirky because I have to be” kind of way. The exception is, of course, Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Loki is mesmerizing in every scene he’s in partially due to the fact that he is the only character that is allowed to make interesting choices. The movie suffers greatly when he is not on screen.


There’s very little to say about this movie because there is very little in this movie. If you choose to see Thor 2 you will probably enjoy yourself for the two hour run time. I enjoyed myself while watching. Less so after the credits rolled and my brain resumed functioning.



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